Rugby fever…

It’s the RWC year here and of course Husband has been watching some of the games… all good and well, except it turns out a certain little son of mine has caught the fever, so 8.30pm every saturday night he gets up from bed and sits on the couch with his dad and I and watches the games that are key to our country.

It’s become a little ritual, the key things are :

*Blanket for keeping warm

*Parent to lie on

*Crappy food that Parents have to share when normally they wouldn’t.

* Mum getting bored and watching something else on her laptop

*Yelling about tries (Dad)

*Trying to pretend to know what he is on about by yelling about tries (son)

*Falling asleep before the game finishes… BOTH OF THEM

Personally I’ve never really been one for rugby, a couple of past boyfriends used to play for my local high school team, but really it’s so boring! I don’t see the point in dressing up in little short shorts (except to show you’re gorgeous legs), tops that are just heinous and helmets that give you cabbage ears just to bash into each other and run a little oval ball over a line. I get that it’s huge in our country, it’s a rite of passage just about! Everyone has had a game of touch, or pick-up rugby, but the fact that nobody really cares until something like the RWC happens is what bugs me the most, suddenly there are car flags everywhere, balloons, theme colours etc when the only other time this is brought out is when our home team starts turboing it’s way to the top of the tables.. which in itself is actually pretty huge.

Ugh rambling….


Rugby sucks.

Patriotism leaves a lot to be desired in what matters

I hope my daughter never wants to watch it

Son and Husband need to go to bed earlier