Keep on Rolling….

We’ve been a bit busy of late – well busier than usual. 

DS has started (and just about finished) Summer Soccer. He’s proven himself to be quite the little goalie and is enjoying it immensely (I’m enjoying the fact that practice was cancelled today!|) Image

(Horrible quality but hey – they move fast!)

On top of Soccer we’ve been trying to keep up with Swimming, and just general day to day life. 

We (the Boy and I) went on a mini trip to my sisters for my nieces 2nd birthday, it was lots of fun (until the Boy cracked his head open.) and it was great spending the time with them.

The Girl has been busy creating little dance routines and generally just amazing us with her little adultness. Dora is still the favourite here, but Mickey Mouse, Brave and Barbie have all started making an entrance into her “must watch” little world. 

– sidenote – Do not say f**king hell around a 2 year old girl! 

Hub continues to work and keep himself busy with the playstation.

and I have been reading and knitting as much as possible especially as the summer holidays are fast approaching, 6 weeks with the Boy home is going to be interesting! 





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